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"Naruki Oshima, haptic green series" Valérie Douniaux
art historian
specialised in Japanese modern and contemporary art

for solo exhibition in Nextlevel galerie, 2013
in French
in English
"Licht-Schein" Stefanie Kreuzer
curator/ K21 Kunstsammlung im Städehaus
"Naruki Oshima, Reflections"catalogue, 2002
in German
in Japanese
"Collage and Photography
:Naruki Oshima's New Series "haptic green"
Minoru Shimizu
art critic

"ART i T", 2012
crtical fieldwork :observation on contemporary artin Japan
in English
in Japanese

"Montage, Color, Haptic" Naruki Oshima "Scene, Light, Color" catalogue 2000/3
in English
in Japanese
"On visual moment" Naruki Oshima "Naruki Oshima, Reflections"catalogue, 2002
in English
in Japanese